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 Dogs bring magic into our lives and in turn, we love them. Sadly, we are seldom prepared when they become ill and ultimately, when and how to say goodbye.  

 This book is about the love and joy of owning a dog, concerns illness brings, and finally, the signs that could indicate a change in quality of life.  It captures the joy and friendship that developed as our dog, a standard poodle, grew from puppy to a close-knit member of the family. It focuses on challenges we faced, when our companion developed epilepsy and later dementia.  Along with photos there are recommendations at the end of the book that include sources for obtaining medication, how to handle difficult situations, signs that the quality of life may be changing, and how to prepare for and say goodbye.  

Available here from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats. Read free with Kindle Unlimited.

Also available from Google Books, Good Reads, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and local bookstores.